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Guangdong VIVA Fishing Tackle Industry Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2000. We are a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of fishing reels. Our company provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals and amateurs. Today with the international network of distributors,dealers,and customers,fishing tackles manufactured by VIVA are sold in more than 40 countries.

Our quality and customer focus is evident in everthing we design, manufacture, test and deliver. It's this emphasis on quality, innovative technology and complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions that drives our business and provides our customers with significant competitive advantages in the global marketplace.

In order to follow the rapidly developing fishing tackle market we decided to invest huge sums of money to establish "VIVA industry zone" in Zhuhai, South China. The land covers 100,000 square meters while the first plant-that started its operation in January 2008-exceeds 50,000 square meters. Our new manufacturing facility is ISO registered and meets all the requirement of different regulatory organizations such as environmental agencies.

Precision engineering is at the core of our success. The new factory runs only state of the art CNC machines. Our new generation reels represent cutting-edge technology due to advanced alloys development and precision machining. The bearings used in our reels were developed in our in-house R&D department. VIVA prides itself on its ability to be one of the world leaders in non-corrosive bearing tachnology.

Whether we're designing, prototyping products or launching new products or launching new products in our manufacturing facility we take every measure to ensure quality, excellence and industry-leading processes throughout every operation. Our designers keep consulting with experienced anglers from all over the world to ensure that our reels meet all expectations towards design, performance and quality. At VIVA, every single detail of a new product such as touch, towing function, bearing strength, shape design-must pass rigorous internal qualification prior to customer approval to ensure the highest level.




  • Viva WING F-30

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  • Viva WING F-30

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  • Viva Atori Carp 390

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  • Болонезе Viva Pantera 4005

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